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Feel the Deck embodies the pinnacle of luxury yacht charters in Greece. Born from a deep love for the sea, we've been crafting unforgettable maritime adventures since 2018. Our unparalleled expertise, commitment to personalized service, and carefully curated fleet elevate every journey.  Whether you dream of exploring sun-kissed islands, indulging in onboard luxury, or simply embracing the freedom of the open water, we design an experience that exceeds your every expectation. Let us guide you on a Greek journey unlike any other.



We We seamlessly orchestrate every element of your dream yacht charter:

- Personalized Yacht Matching: Your desires are our compass. We'll uncover the perfect vessel to match your style, group size, and itinerary preferences.

- Expert Destination Guidance: Tap into our deep knowledge of Greece's hidden gems, bustling harbors, and idyllic coves. Let us unveil destinations that speak to your soul.

- Bespoke Itinerary Creation: We design unique itineraries filled with on-water adventures and on-land excursions, crafting a trip as vibrant as the Aegean itself.

- World-Class Concierge: Consider every detail taken care of. From transfers and gourmet provisioning to exclusive reservations, we handle the logistics so you can savor the journey.


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